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It’s quite a challenge to find data & statistics when it comes to road safety in the UAE, and in general. Hence we started our own research projects and we want to publicly share the results to the benefit of all stakeholders. We also want to share in this topic data we found in on-line and off-line media. It would be wonderful if our users could contribute  information they come across, either their own research data or 3rd party data. ‘Data are the basis of understanding’, and meaningful initiatives must be grounded in proper understanding, hence the importance for much and quality data!

FEATURED research:

A) Research we conducted:

  • 2018 November: ‘Research – UAE Seat Belt Usage ‘Before’ & ‘After’ the introduction of the new seat belt law’. We regard this new holistic seat belt law as a water-shed moment for UAE’s road safety. As of 1-July-2017 all passengers must wear seat belts. How has the seat belt usage changed before and after this new law?

B) UAE Data from press clippings:

  • 2018 UAE Road Traffic Fatalities – included into an overview of Traffic Fatalities – Accidents – Injuries from 2006-2018

UAE Road Fatalities - Accidents - Injuries 2006-2018

  • 2017 UAE Road Traffic Fatalities: slightly different numbers were published my the media at different points during 2018:
    • Nov 2018: revised UAE population figures published: “The UAE’s population was 9,304,277 as of December 31, 2017, announced the Federal Authority for Competitiveness and Statistics, an increase of 2 per cent from 2016″ ( => 525/9,304,277*100,000 = 5.64 fatalities / 100,000 inhabitants in 2017
    • Earlier media reports / sources suggest different numbers:
    • Period ending 23-Dec-2017: 525 fatalities (vs. 706 in the same period 2016)
    • Period ending 23-Dec-2017: 4.4 road fatalities out of every 100,000 people
    • Full Year 2017: road deaths index was 4.53 deaths per 100,000 people in UAE last year compared to 6.13 deaths per 100,000 people in 2016.
    • Sources:;;
  • 2016 UAE Road Accidents, Injuries and Fatalities
  • 2015 UAE Road Accidents, Injuries and Fatalities
    • The great news is, that in 2015 all indicators point downwards! Meaning less accidents, injuries and fatalities … still, there is a long way to go! It is up to us, THE MOTORISTS to further improve these numbers!Statistics - 2015 UAE Road Traffic Accidents - Injuries - Fatalities
    • UAE 2015 Death / 100,000 population (UN formula) = 5.99
    • Source for all data above:
  • UAE 2013 Deaths/100,000: 651 /(9,205,651/100,000) = 7.0717
    • (sources: Wikipedia 2013 UAE population = 9,205,651; UAE MOI 2013 traffic deaths = 651)

C) UAE Data (from various sources):

Other Data we find relevant and interesting:

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