All of us who have been issued a license within the UAE will have been issued it on the basis that we have all passed a driving test, whether this may be in our home countries or here in the UAE. On your driving lessons you are taught the simple mirror, mirror, signal, maneuver, now when we signal this is our intention to move in the direction in which the indicator is flashing. We use our indicators to warn other drivers of our intention, so they can react accordingly. This may be met with the sound of a horn to inform us that in fact the maneuver is not safe and then we can react accordingly whether that may be waiting for a safe passage or a break in the traffic before we attempt to move again. I believe this lack of indicator usage is a contributing factor to a number of road traffic incidents occurring here in the UAE, as people who do not indicate give other drivers no warning at all and do not allow them enough time to react to the maneuver. Reduce the number of road traffic incidents by looking out for each other and warning others of your intention to change lanes!