2022 2nd Abu Dhabi Truck Tyre Campaign - Summary Pic for NL

Article updated 7-Dec-2022

Two times in 2022, Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) in Abu Dhabi, Al Masaood, Bridgestone and RoadSafetyUAE came together to increase the awareness for tyres among truck drivers and to express gratitude for the hard work of truck drivers. The events were held in June and November.

The numbers show that it is vital to run such campaigns to raise awareness for vital points related to commercial tire safety. In both campaigns of 2022, combined:

• 150 truck drivers rewarded and educated
• 640 truck tyres checked
• 3% tyres under-inflated, 6% over-inflated
• 5% tyres damaged
• 8% valves not accessible
• 46% tyres need to be rotated
• 44% valve dust caps missing

NL 2022 Aug I ITC Tyre Inspection