A good start for the RoadSafetyUAE dot com project. Interesting to see most of the topics covered in a simple and systematic way and many like minded individuals writing their views. As they say, well begun is half done. However, I believe to achieve Road Safety in UAE is a still long way to cover. From my experience as a vigorous campaigner on traffic safety and awareness here in the UAE and in India, I find each time a project kick starts, the momentum is not sustained and thus it gets derailed. Therefore, this should not be one like that. In the UAE, we get to see a phenomenon every year. At the beginning of the year, many campaigns are started and then after a certain time, its objective is lost as people get change their focus to something different. A few months after when the summer break comes, many expatriates leave and many new arrive and they get less awareness or less alert on these matters. I therefore strongly feel that a dedicated effort and sustained interest is maintained and use all social medias to keep the messages populated to each and every online user in the country in the simple and effective way. Let it be weekly alert messages, short slide shows, movies or any other. Let there be also a strong sticker campaign, highlighting the presence of a dedicated group “Road Safety  UAE . com ” is here for all to get more knowledge and keep them updated of all traffic and road safety issues. Isn’t time to meet up and exchange ideas and plans and campaigns to populate the message to many around. I am keen on it and looking forward.