2022 Mobility Education Summit - Banner

Post published 2-N0v-2022

Mobility Education Summit 2022 hosted by Emirates Driving Company, will take place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from 14 – 16 November, in strategic partnership with Abu Dhabi Police HQ, European Driving Schools Association, Department of Municipalities and Transport and the Integrated Transport Centre.

This inaugural event will gather international mobility experts who have a mutual passion for road safety education, and a dedication towards developing sustainable driving solutions. It will also be the first time that the European Driving Schools Association will present its research on driving education outside Europe.

The three-day summit will include panel discussions, workshops, and seminars. Hosted by industry experts they will focus on important topics related to driver education and training, safety awareness, and the future of mobility.

Through the summit, Emirates Driving Company hopes to encourage the development of sophisticated and sustainable training techniques and promote a shift towards transportation education that is based on future and sustainable mobility, technology, and security.

For more details and to register please visit www.mobilityeducation.ae