Telematics Conference March 2019

Telematics in Fleet Management

Real-time communication, driver’s monitored behavior, reduction of accidents and damages to vehicles and freight, reduction of operating costs, fuel savings, safety improvements and vehicle performance optimization, are just a few terms being used in telematics for fleet management. Nowadays, in the world of mobile technology, it is of great importance to be in line with latest technologies to ensure high quality products and services. Telematics device manufacturers, navigation and digital map developers, smart sensors and HW manufacturers, M2M providers, OEMs, telematics solution providers, logistics and transport companies, and other participants of telematics fleet management industry, must offer latest technologies in order to make improvements in driver efficiency and fleet performance.

So, how do telematics solutions work in practice? Today’s connected trucks ensure fleet managers to control the use of vehicles and observe driver’s behavior. By using cab-mounted tablets, fleet managers can warn drivers about heavy traffics, thus avoiding time and money related costs.
Good routing apps for example, can help saving the driving time which leads to fuel savings and amplifies overall fleet utilization. The use of vehicle sensors is also of great importance, as they warn of engine and other diagnostic issues. Overall monitoring of vehicle diagnostics and contacting repair centers enable drivers and fleet managers to plan further activities.

So, what are advanced telematics technologies in fleet management? Which products and services will help reduce operating costs, but improve driver’s wellness and satisfy customers? What is the future of telematics in fleet management?

International Conference and Exhibition

Above mentioned questions will be discussed at the 5th edition of Telematics Conference Middle East & Africa which will be held on 28 March 2019 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The annual conference and exhibition, focusing on telematics for fleet management will host approximately 150 delegates, namely, telematics solution providers, telematics device manufacturers, navigation and digital map developers, smart sensors and HW manufacturers, IoT experts, M2M providers, OEMs, market research specialists, logistics and transport companies, and startup companies starting business in the field of telematics. The main topic of this edition will be on “Advanced Telematics in Fleet Management”. The conference program will be enriched by globally and regionally recognized speakers and many network possibilities. Latest products and services from telematics in fleet management will be presented at the exhibition with 15 exhibition booths, all being part of the event.

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