STS Group School Bus Driver Safety Campaign - for NL

Article published 21-April-2022

Our CSR-Partner STS Group, the thought-leader in school transportation launched a Safe Driver Campaign for school bus drivers. The focus is on 6 areas:

1. Unobstructed bus cameras.
2. Zero use mobile phones whilst driving.
3. Mandatory seat belt use.
4. Alert contact process.
5. Managing personal time and the impact of fatigue.
6. Vehicle shutdown safety procedures.

Going forward the Safe Driver Campaign will include the following elements: monthly school bus driver trainings, including a new video dedicated to the 6 focus areas; short ‘snackable’ videos for individual focus areas, to be circulated to the school bus drivers via weekly safety messages, dedicated WhatsApp groups, and Social Media channels; a digital campaign whereby school bus drivers will post videos on the six focus areas across our social media channels. By posting and tagging their colleagues, these drivers will encourage their peers to share similar practices.

Speakers from Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Police, STS Group and RoadSafetyUAE were invited to address the school bus drivers on matters of transport laws & regulations and safe driving practices.

Steve Burnell, STS Group Managing Director, said “The safety of our customers and employees will always be our priority. School bus safety begins with positive and professional driving behavior. The Safe Driver Campaign serves as a platform to ensure our values of Safe, Timely, Smart resonate with every employee in the workforce.”

We dedicated a press release to the launch, in order to share the importance of such initiatives. It was translated, distributed and evaluated by our CSR-Partner AETOS Wire. Check out the press release and the evaluation here (password aIdYL)!