Following my commute into the capital this morning I felt it was necessary to bring this matter to people’s attention.

The drive in this morning was particularly difficult as we saw a great deal of fog across the road for most, if not all of the journey. I still cannot get my head around why other drivers on the road feel the need to drive in the fog with their hazards on. On an average day we see the hazard lights used on the roads of the UAE to warn the drivers behind us that there has been an accident up front or there is some form of hazard so they can react accordingly.

Now this morning I followed an SUV down the road for the majority of the way who drove with its hazard lights on, I had an adequate distance between me and the vehicle in front but due to poor visibility I had no view in front of it, every time the vehicle braked I thought there had been an accident! Please switch off your hazards and use your fog lights! Avoid the confusion as it has a knock on affect with the continuous braking and will cause MORE accidents!