Story Givers Gain

When I arrived in Dubai in 1996, doing business was a matter of networking with different groups such as the British Business Group and the Dubai Celts. Later in 2002 once I had setup my own business I wanted to avail of these networking opportunities. So I joined BNI (Business Network International) – a fast growing group dedicated to networking and passing business to each-other. As each chapter relied on selling through the members to each others clients there was a heavy emphasis on what was called “Givers Gain”  where the person giving the business t another member would eventually gain from a similar connection. I quickly realized this was about good karma and started doing business this way with great effect.

One day whilst stuck in traffic and fighting to maintain my position in the queue, I had an epiphany: WHY DON’T I USE GIVERS GAIN ON THE ROAD?  So I stopped fighting with other drivers and let everyone I could go in front of me for one day. At the end of that day I was the happiest and most relaxed I’d been in years. If I had continued on the aggressive driving course I’d set myself I think I would have hurt myself or someone else. If only everyone could try this method of driving the roads would be so much nicer.