Accidents are a major point of concern in the United Arab Emirates. About 62 percent of the fatalities are caused due to road traffic accidents. Before getting into the driver’s seat, it’s better to know the do’s and don’ts on the UAE roads.

For any traveler it is advised to get well versed with the local driving laws. Driving in the UAE is different from many parts of the world. Unlike many countries where flashing headlights is associated to letting the person ahead go first, in UAE it is a signal to make way for the car behind.

Also, if you plan to rent a car in the Emirates you need to carry an international driving license. In the Emirates you also need to consider the drifting sands, which may prevail on the road surface. This makes the road slippery and difficult to steer your vehicle. Traffic rules in UAE are pretty strict when it comes to drinking and driving.

The blood alcohol content limit in the UAE is zero. This may end you up in jail and also invalidate your insurance claim. Overtaking is a major cause of road mishaps. If you plan to do so, make sure it is from the left of the vehicle you intend to overtake. Insufficient gap between vehicles and irregularity in speed can also lead to accidents.

A 2 second gap between cars and regular speed is considered a good driving practice. It is better to be equipped with these quick tips and other safety measures to avoid getting involved in an accident. This infographic depicts that there is much more than just keeping your eyes on the road and hands on your wheel while you are on the road in UAE. Be alert. Be safe!

Story Driving in the UAE Infographic