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Dubai, UAE 10th May 2016: Careem, the region’s fastest growing technology company, has decided to tackle a REAL UAE concern that has taken the backseat for too long: safety. “While others in the industry have been focusing more and more on providing glitz and glamour experiences such as yacht and helicopter rides, Careem is taking a more serious angle and declares May the month of passenger safety”, said Christian Eid, General Manager of Careem UAE.

Careem has chosen to be an advocate for educating its passengers on the importance of buckling-up. To achieve their ambitious goal, Careem has partnered with RoadSafetyUAE’s Thomas Edelmann to help put together a strong safety programme that both raises awareness and rewards customers who pledge to changing bad habits.

“Our mission at Careem revolves around making a difference in people’s lives and this campaign will hopefully impact residents by committing to putting safety first”, continued Christian Eid. “We are asking all of our customers to formally pledge to buckling-up and become advocates for road safety. In return, we have committed to rewarding all pledgers with 25% discount on their next 5 Careem rides.”

“Careem has empowered its Captains to refuse passengers who choose not to buckle-up. In short, if you don’t buckle-up, we will choose not to provide an unsafe trip. Though this might sound drastic, we hope our passengers will value their safety as much as we do and hope that our community will welcome this bold move”, added Eid.

“According to World Health Organization (WHO) car accidents are the second biggest contributor to fatalities in the UAE, and continue to grow every year”. Said Thomas Edelmann, Founder and Managing Director at RoadSafetyUAE. Based on a survey we have conducted internally last month amongst chauffer driven cabs, only 57% always wore their seat belts while sitting in the back seat. A very alarming number.”
“For Careem to choose to be an advocate for educating its passengers on the importance of buckling-up is something we aspire all companies to do. We hope this campaign will not only raise awareness but will save lives as well”. Edelmann concluded.

To join the movement along with Careem and RoadSafetyUAE please visit www.careempledge.com and pledge to BUCKLE-UP!

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