Car Baked Cookies

AW Rostamani Group is leading a campaign to highlight the danger heat buildup represents for children left in parked cars. Called ‘Car Baked Cookies’, the campaign highlights the temperatures vehicles’ interiors can reach when parked in direct sunlight by cooking biscuits on the dashboard. With an astonishing 80° Celsius achievable in this confined, glass-sided and unventilated environment, the campaign message is simple: ‘If it’s hot enough to bake, it’s hot enough to cause death’.

Car Baked Cookie demonstrations and cookie giveaways are planned post Ramadan to act as an ongoing reminder of the campaign’s message.

Baking cookies in the car

AW Rostamani Group is calling on everyone to pledge their support for the campaign via the dedicated website and #CarBaked Twitter hash tag where they can also see a video demonstrating cookies being baked in a car. Campaign partners are also invited to join AW Rostamani Group in spreading this potentially life-saving message.

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