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Article published 21-April-2022

The Petroleum Development Authority of Oman will be enforcing road safety standards for heavy good vehicles, particularly oil and gas vehicles, in the coming weeks. As per the upcoming regulations all vehicles including trailers will need to be equipped with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) + ESC or Electronic Braking System (EBS) + ESC  to comply with ECER 13 standard.

With safety paramount on the roads, ZF can help fleets and OEs alike with its industry leading safety technologies, both industry first’s for commercial vehicles.  The first Electronic Braking System (EBS) was launched by ZF Commercial Vehicle Solutions (former WABCO) in 1996. Transmitting the driver’s actuation of the brake pedal into electronic signals, EBS significantly reduces the braking distance of a commercial vehicle and greatly improves driving stability and steerability. To perform its function, EBS collects and analyzes considerable amounts of data generated by several sensors in the truck and trailer. For example, the trailer EBS (TEBS) analyzes the data from the anti-tipper module and combines it with data on the load condition, wheel speed and lateral acceleration providing Roll over stability support ( RSS ).

This prevents the trailer from tipping over. If the truck then takes a bend at a too high speed and with a high centre of gravity, the TEBS brakes automatically. In addition, the TEBS modules can now also be linked to additional sensors and systems such as tire pressure monitoring system. Once connected with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) solutions like ZF’s OptiTire, the TEBS collects tire pressure data in real time helping increase the safety and efficiency of vehicles.

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Trailer EBS: Trailer Electronic Braking System – ZF

ZF´s Trailer Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) controls wheel slip to ensure trailer stability and steerability during braking. It prevents wheels from locking and slows down the vehicle as far as possible within physical limits. With an installed base of more than 9 million systems worldwide, it is the market-leading Trailer ABS with a powerful range of applications, enhancing vehicle safety and efficiency while being a trusted technology.

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Trailer ABS: Trailer Anti-Lock Braking System – ZF