No body drives with the intention to make accident. But things go beyond control and leads to accident. Point is how to keep things in control. First thing is to have an intention before starting the vehicle that you are going to drive safely and your life and others life is in your hand. We want to reach quickly either to save our time and save our cost and to be happy, but reckless driving may cause the opposite. You may save 100 AED on your movie ticket, but you may become movie to others.. You want to attend the interview, but you will attending police interview. You want to attend client meeting, but you may be meeting the doctor on the bed. These thoughts should be flashed into the head.

When somebody acts improper on the road, presently you do not have a choice. The only option we are left with is to pray for that guy or to scold that guy. Though we want to pray for him, and we do it also, but after the second guying, praying does not work, then you have to express that negative energy and that is expressed in a negative manner, which is detrimental for the person and for others. If this negative energy can be channelized and allowed people to express it in a fruitful manner, behavioral accidents can be reduced.