According to WHO in 2010 it was estimated that 1.24 million people were killed worldwide and 50 million more were injured in motor vehicle collisions. Young adults aged between 15 and 44 years account for 59% of global road traffic deaths.

Most of these accidents are caused by reckless traffic Violators who , either get killed or kill others.  It is not possible to catch all of them by existing systems like speed cameras or police personnel. My proposal here will help to identify  and track such traffic violators , discipline them and punish if required.

1.  Every driver wiling to participate in this project will register themselves with authorities with their details and mobile number. They may be rewarded randomly/occasionally for their participation.

2. A  mobile application will be installed in their mobiles, in simple and easy operation they will be able to send car numbers of offending drivers to the authorities as and when traffic volitions are noticed. In case the mobiles are not smartphones they will be able to report to an automated telephone number.

3 . Every week/month list of drivers with maximum reported violations ( more than 1)  will be complied. They can be summoned by authorities  and a sealed electronic device will be fitted in their cars

4 . The above Electronic device will record and plot  their complete driving history for say 1 month. most likely they will learn to obey the rules and get disciplined . They can be punished for any further violations

5.  The device can be removed after say 1 month, but the drivers will be on the ” watch list ” for say about a year

6 .In case the offence’s are repeated the severity of punishment can be escalated like suspension, cancellation etc

The above hopefully will reduce traffic violations and number of accidents. I will be willing to submit a demo system for initial trials and approval.