I’m sure this isn’t the case for every school, but my own children’s school DIA Emirates Hills and a nearby school REGENT Int. The Greens, parents often park on the lane where there is a solid yellow line BUT also park and leave their cars in the second lane and again in the third lane! Leaving only one lane open for cars to pass.

It is worse in Summer when people do not want to walk far from their own cars to the school pick up. It is always worse during Ramadan. People leave their cars parked or parked and still running to collect their child, then return to their car with walking children through the traffic . It is so dangerous. I’m over worried for the children whose parents do this but now concerned for my own well being in that if I accidentally hit a child or person getting into their car, because I couldn’t see them or there wasn’t enough room to pass and they step out all of a sudden. Who is to blame? I would be. Who suffers? My family and my children because I’d probably be the one that goes to jail.

Police need to start issuing fines for this yellow solid lane parking, double and triple lane parking at schools. I’ve seen the police circle our school but never did I see them stop and start issuing fines.
Something has to be done about this before a child is killed.