It is a common sight in the mornings in Abu Dhabi the school buses come in front of the apartments to pick the students. Many of them stop on the wrong side of the road (two way roads) to pick the kids. They stop on the lane meant for oncoming traffic to be near the building entrance.  I asked a couple of drivers why they do it and they say it is parents who are asking them to stop on the wrong side. The kids are exposed to traffic from both sides of the road when they board the buses.  Someone can hit the child. Very few show the sense to stop their car when they see someone board the bus exposed to his car. This is even more dangerous when they drop the kids. Kids may run into the oncoming traffic from either side.
There is also a risk of collision with the vehicles that come from behind when the buses start off and try to enter the proper lane.
Do something to stop this. If I got your email I can send the pictures I shot from my house.
school bus - sub comment 1
school bus - sub comment 2
school bus - Unsafe school pickup-1
School bus - SAFE WAY (sub comment)