SAVING LIVES BODA BODA SAFETY EDUCATION PROJECT is a proposed project that seek to restore social functioning in creating friendly environment to the road users.Boda Boda is a term widely used in East Africa to mean motorcycle.The emergence of motorcycle has brought lots of change in human lives,employment opportuanities created as youths engage in boda boda operation to earn a living reducing social injustice.Many people have lost lives due to reckless driving,road bulling to the motorcycle law abiding drivers by the moving vehicles.out of this,various accident occur causing loss of lives living families on a stand still as potential family members facing untimely death.Awareness is necessary on good road use in order to protect community lives and create favorable atmosphere for more safety.We intend to initiate this project in order to educate people thus reduce the accident mostly witnessed as people loose parts of their body leading to lameness or completely die.