From:  Vikas Verma

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Topic: Title of Proposal Retroreflective Paint for Road safety

We suggest the use of our Retroreflective Paint for vertical application to highlight the hidden hazards and provide enhanced safety solution to the motorists. Our Retroreflective Paint can applied upon surfaces such as concrete, metal, wood, etc. The application of Retroreflective Paint is very easy. It can be applied by Brush, Roller or Spray painting. The paint is economical, effective having a Retroreflectivity of above 800 mcd.m².lx
Key areas of application: Curbs, medians, traffic islands, electricity poles, crash barriers, trees, walls, diversions, railings, pavements, parapets of flyovers, bins construction sites, construction machinery, etc.

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Telephone no.:+919802222224


From: Karin Wiklund


Topic: Use Actibump as a traffic calming measure

Text: Use the selective speed management system Actibump as a traffic calming measure at pedestrian crossings. It acts as an inverted speed bump but only for vehicles driving over the allowed speed limit. Vehicles driven at legal speed pass the system on level road. For information in English please see


From: Dennis Montgomery



Text: We produce a product called TYRESAFE, it has been extensively tested and has proven that it prevents punctures and blowouts from happening. It is simply installed into your existing tyres (tubed or tubeless) and when an object penetrates the tread area of the tyre, TYRESAFE instantly and permanently seals the puncture wound for the entire lifespan of the tyre. It has even had a 17 Ton vehicle equipped with TYRESAFE in the tyres and then a 6mm DRILL has been passed directly through the central tread area of the tyre, thereby creating a 6mm HOLE – TYRESAFE sealed this and the 17 Ton vehicle carried on in normal service and even after 10,000km the tyre has not lost any air! Just imagine if this was installed into tyres, it would reduce accidents, save money and most of all SAVE LIVES. It has been covered in The National newspaper where the motoring editor has seen TYRESAFE in action for himself – his own comments in the paper were ”This product should be made law and installed into every vehicle” – we have also been extensively tested in the Battlefields of Iraq, where TYRESAFE has shown that it actually works better than the run-flat technology. TYRESAFE is solely owned, distributed and Trade Mark protected to MONTGOMERY INTERNATIONAL FZE, Ras Al Khaimah and we welcome any test, any time.


From: Nikki Carroll

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Topic: BRAKE PLUS UAE  ” Safety you can see ”

Text: HE FACTS ARE : 90 % of rear end collisions are avoidable if the trailing driver has 1 more second of warning. Distracted drivers are 69 % more likely to notice you braking with Brake Plus.Distracted driving is the NO 1 cause of death for 18 – 25 year olds . Tailing drivers PHYSICAL reaction time can be improved by 50 % with the installation of Brake Plus.One third of car accidents are rear end collisions. Brake Plus’ rapid pulsing third brake light serves as a highly VISIBLE warning to those drivers behind you. Avoid the damage cost and inconvenience of an accident by reducing your risk of a rear end collision. Protect your second most expensive asset. Above all protect yourself and your loved ones

Now available in the UAE & GCC & Neighbouring Countries - BRAKE PLUS gives you more !



Good morning Ladies & Gentlemen,

I am Jahanzeb Khan from Amman Advance Technologies LLC based in Abu Dhabi. I came to UAE about 5 month ago. When I first landed in UAE from Sydney Australia I felt road safety a big issue here in our first 3 weeks my wife had a small accident ( all of us were fine ). No doubt the highways over here are great with 6 to 7 lanes with high speed but unfortunately not the drivers. As usual I was looking for a job & I ended up joining Amman Advance Technologies.Tthe most interesting part of my job is we are going to launch a brand new product for the first time here in UAE & accross the MENA region, its world leading Advance Driver Assistance System called MOBILEYE 560. What it actually does is scans the road on regular basis while driving and alerts the driver in case of any danger which can cause collision. I been using it as a test for the past 3 weeks I am personally loving it. Its is not only alerting me about the possible dangers but I have improved alot of my bad habbits while driving, I must confess while using FB each time I was departing from my lanes it would alert me to keep me focused. Also regarding the speed and road signs kept we well alret. This little device added alot of value to road safety issues. Mobileye 560 can also be integrated with Fleet Management System to keep a complete record of the drivers behavior. It got 6 main life saving features
Forward Collision Warning (Mobileye FCW)
Pedestrian Collision Warning (Mobileye PCW)
Headway Monitoring Warning (Mobileye HMW)
Lane Departure Warning (Mobileye LDW)
Intelligent High-beam Control (IHC). Available for vehicles with a supporting infrastructure
Speed Limit Indicator (SLI)
I found this wesite and thought I would share this with all the members. Most of high end cars are equipped with this safety feature but at the same time it is available for any normal or family car.
For any futher info you are welcome to contact me on