Car Window TINT should be reduced to 30% for all Vehicles, exceptions may be given for VIP vehicles, but not everybody, since this TINT reduces the visibility of the Driver even during Day time, so there is no need to say what happens during NIGHT.

secondly TIMERS should be installed at TRAFFIC SIGNALS, I mean just above the SIGNAL which will enable the Drivers to be more cautious when they approach the Signals and whereby avoid a lot of accidents at Junctions. I do not mean the Pedestrian Timings which are currently available at some Junctions in Abu Dhabi. I mean the main TRAFFIC SIGNALS for Vehicles.

Thirdly, Billboards / Signboards are kept at Pedestrian Crossing which should be relocated as this reduces the visibility of the DRIVER as well the PEDESTRIAN.\

Another issue is the way to reduce the SPEEDING in the Internal Roads, i.e. roads in the inside blocks, where children are playing, people are going to mosque etc.. here we can see DRIVERS speeding at more than 60-80 km/hr speed / racing on these internal roads.