Being on the right lane is not a disgrace!

In an ideal world (which I still haven’t found yet), drivers would only move to the left lane just to overtake and then, once done, would come back to their right lane.
I am convinced that just this principle (and a LOOOOOT of discipline) would solve at least 30% to 40% of traffic issues in the UAE.
Just because drivers are lazy, they stick to one lane to have to change as less as possible wihtout taking care of the other drivers coming behind them. This would allow a lot less of road rage of drivers irritated because some others stick to the far left lane where they have plenty of space to swerve to their right.
We also need to mention that what I call the ”lazy lane” which is the second from the left where drivers stick to thinking that they can go as slow as they wish because there is a lane on their left so that people can overtake if they need to.
Please, please, please if there is a space on the right, move to the right. and if you have to go on the far right, so be it. It is not a disgrace .

Then, this implies the PROPER use of the indicator which we have to remind that it shows AN INTENTION to turn or change lane. Not SHOWING that we change lanes at the precise moment we do it or even after!!!

Thank you for your attention

Safely Yours