As of now in UAE there is no regulation or control on accident vehicles repairing except Traffic passing. Modern vehicle are equipped with Active & Passive safety and most of the vehicles holding 5star safety rating. But compromised repairing will effect on it safety and repaired vehicle will not be same safe as pre accident condition, if it has not repaired properly. Traffic passing just checking the roadworthiness and there is no guaranty for the crashworthiness. Recommended repairing procedures can only make the vehicle crashworthiness up to the mark.

Many of the repaired vehicles are unsafe to use and even agencies don’t have a policy about it. They just keep it as a profit-making centre.
Hence it is a critical matter for the safety of the vehicle users.
I hope that RoadSaftey UAE will take initiative about this subject. Government authorities ,Customers, Insurance Cos and workshops has to focus on this subject and make sure that each accident vehicles repairing in UAE will be safe to use afterwards.
P. Ajoy Kumar