I am a resident in the Meadows/ Springs in Emirates Living area with the very busy Al Asayel road running through the middle of the community. The speed on Al Asayel street MUST BE REDUCED. I have a friends daughter who is in rehab after a trauma accident due to a speeding motorbike. I am also aware of 2 other incidents of serious child accidents due to the high speed of this road. With the introduction of new schools in the area the road safety aspect has not been improved or considered or addressed.

Firstly I would recommend more speed cameras are installed as well as better pedestrian signage and raised white stripes at the traffic lights, given the heavy usage at all intersections.

Secondly new pedestrian traffic lights are needed at the corner of Al Asayel and Al Sohool (1st street) which runs between Meadows Town Centre and Jumeriah Park/Dubai British Foundation School. Currently there are NO lights on the outer roads and NO SPEEDHUMP at the immediate corner on both ends. With approaching speeding cars, you have to pray and hope no one runs you over. Many children and nannies use this crossing in the morning and afternoon for School and this is a death trap.

Finally I would highly recommend another pedestrian crossing further along Al Sohool Street beyond the Dubai British School but before Amity International school so that there is a safer crossing rather than at the busy traffic light intersection which leads into a residential construction zone. This would allow users to cross a slower speed road rather than a busy main road intersection.

I would be available for a site visit to elaborate on my suggestions further to the RTA.