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Regulations on driver’s license renewal process and drivers training

My idea for this is very simple, and borrowed idea of how things are done in my country (not sure of other countries). There are set regulations on when and how a driver’s license is renewed.

Firstly, a new driver’s license is only valid for one year. At the time of renewal, a mandatory lecture (about one hour long) is given as a
refresher of road safety and driving awareness. From there, a 3 year, 5 year,  then 10 year license is given. To receive higher-year licenses, the driver must have clean driving records (speeding, reckless driving, etc).

However, is a driver has any record of speeding, accident, etc, that driver will then also have to attend a similar lecture at the time of
renewal, and the driver will lose whatever rank license they have, and dropped to a 3 year license (generally one year license is for new
drivers only).