What is needed is highway patrol vehicles, coming from San Diego, Ca, USA, I can reassure you that I get nervous driving next to highway patrols regardless of my perfect law-abiding driving. People here in UAE disregard authority and from what I have witnessed far too many times is that it goes both ways, meaning the authority is to lenient with reckless drivers. Authority should stiffen up and get harsh then maybe then will reckless drivers fear authority.
Another thing, I, until now, put my 8 year old child in a booster seat in my car along with my 4 year old in the car seat, yes, everyone is strapped up. Being American and driving there, from the get go, everything comes automatically, this is way of life there, that is the law when people are in motor vehicles. There’s no if’s, but’s or why’s about seat belts or you pay the consequences.
Oh yeah, another major thing, can someone please teach drivers here what is the meaning of PEDASTRIAN RIGHT OF WAY!!!! I would never ever walk here for the fear of getting hit!! and when a vehicle is backing up, drivers here as well don’t give the right of way, the person backing up could be in the middle of backing up and too many drivers honk for that driver to stop!!!!!!!!
Its all common sense and driving should be done in a respectful manner not like animals behind the wheel.
Hope something changes because I would be so fearful when my children become old enough to drive, not because they will be like animals but for the other reckless drivers who don’t care, Im already implementing good safety/driving habits to my children at a young age.