Experts found that, in a situation of a crash where emergency breaking is a must, most of the drivers only breaks at 60% of the max capacity.

People should be invited to take part to classes of emergency breaking.
All sales workers and drivers in companies must have a mandatory yearly driving training

A TV campaign and ad’ capping could consist in 3 +1 very basic images explaining how to make emergency breaking:
1 put your hands on the bottom part of the steering wheel
2 crush the breaking pedal while lifting-up you ass from the seat (so that you’re really standing on the break pedal)
3 pull on the steering wheel in your direction and break until complete stop
+1 don’t forget to practise when you’re alone, from times to times, on a parking at night, on a desert road, etc… and at various speed, to learn the sensation and learn how does your car react and how it is to feel the ABS vibration