I have been working in UAE since 2003 and transport is still undeveloped. The logistics industry is evolving but transport is still in the very early days. We have to keep in mind that the local transport authorities such as RTA in DXB, DOT in Abu Dhabi and the rest of UAE are new authorizes recently set-up in the recent years. They are still developing policies when it comes to driver behavior and driving standards, vecihle inspections and standards, tyres inspections and standards, environmental standards and many more.

The first thing the local authorities should do is to insert new law that drivers have to go through training such as CPC (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence) the same as we find in Europe but catered for UEA environment. And this programme should be refreshed every 4 / 5 years.

Then set policies within the import of second hand cards and trucks. Too many import of cars and trucks with problems of environment and tyres.


Alex Borg