This system has been very successful in Europe, in Spain the dead’s in road accident drop from over 20 by 100.000 to 4 by 100.000 in 15 years, and thast a lot, the schools and the behaviour was one of the most important measures, of course together with many others like points in the license, jail if you drive more than 180 Kph etc.
What is unbelievable is that having the power to change the system in such an easy way the authorities don’t really take real measures and instead decrease the accidents are increasing and the attitude of the young drivers is getting worst and worst. I believe that being the first smart nation of the Middle East, aiming to be top in education in health in tourism and so on and investing heavily on it is not balanced at all with the driving attitude of the UAE population. Don’t think that tourist will increase to come to a country with the same ratio of dead’s on the road than most Sub Saharan countries….