Driving at 180 kph instead if the allowed 140 kph, how many minutes does it make you win over a 100 km trip (Sharjah – Jebel Ali or Jebel Ali – Abu Dhabi)?

At 120 kph, a 100 km trip is done in 50 minutes
At 140 kph (the max allowed on freeways and highways), a 100 km trip is done in 43 minutes
At 160 kph, a 100 km trip is done in 38 minutes
At 180 kph, a 100 km trip is done in 34 minutes

If you have a prefect 180 kph full static speed, that in fact you never have because of circumstances, radars you’ve to avoid, etc…

Do 16 mins worth to put your life at stake (difference btwn 120 and 180)?

Experts usually say that, if the crash speed is above 80 kph (can be 40 for each car in case of a frontal collision), the chances to survive are almost zero).
When at 120 kph, you only have to reduce by 40 kph your speed to enter the safe area of “below 80 kph”. When at 180 kph, …