I strongly feel that no matter what technique you put in place , Implement heavy fines , Have radars placed it would not have any affect on habitual offenders . Law should be enforced heavily and people who flaunts rule or feel they are king of the road irrespective of how influential the person is should be dealt with Iron Fist by Law enforcers. Habituated offenders needs to be tracked down by the number of fines they have in basket and the type of repeated offence they carry .Their License should be straight way cancelled , Vehicle impounded and if need be imprisoned for a certain period . There should not be any discount on fines and it should be completely abolished. In case the offender is underage or without license their parents be booked for negligence and warned.

Life is precious and Safety lies in ones own hand and it cannot be taken away by some spoilt people .Its the mindset that needs to be attacked to keep UAE roads Safe .