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It is the law to buckle up, but still, many people do not fasten seat belts! Every year, Dubai Traffic Police and Abu Dhabi Police fine 10′s of Thousands of drivers who do not buckle up, and the fines are up to Dh400 and four black points.

A study of car crashes in Al Ain has found that 98% of passengers were not wearing a seat belt – and not a single child restraint was used in any of the vehicles (source: The National).  63% of people killed int the US are not wearing seat belts ( Wearing a seat belt use is still the single most effective thing we can do to save lives and reduce injuries!

Studies show, that seat belts reduce fatalities in vehicle accidents between 45% and 60%, depending on the type of the car and the type of impact.

The risk of death for rear seat car occupants who wear a seat belt reduces by 60%. Wearing seat belts in the back also reduces the risk of dying in the front seat, since during a car crash the risk increases five-fold for the front passengers, if passengers in the back refuse to wear seat-belts.

From whatever angle you look at it: there is simply NO excuse not to wear a seat belt! ALL passengers in the front and back MUST be buckled up – ALWAYS! The seat belt is the single most effective device to prevent death and injury in car accidents.

UAE Statistics (RoadSafetyUAE and QIC Insured commissioned an YouGov on-line study in February 2017; n=1,013 UAE representative sample):

‘You mentioned that you don’t always wear your seat belt or ask your passengers to do so.  Please tell us why?’
1. When I sit on the back seat, I feel safe enough without seat belt


2. On short trips, it is not needed to wear seat belts


3. I am a safe driver and I will not be involved in an accident, hence I don’t need seat belts


4. Other safety features like airbags protect just as well as seat belts


5. Seat belts are inconvenient to wear


6. Seat belts crinkle my cloths


7. Seat belts don’t increase safety


8. It is not part of our culture


9. I don’t like the look of seat belts


10. Religious reasons


How to do it right!

  • Make it a routine and habit to ALWAYS fasten your seat belt
  • No belt – No start!
  • Before you start your car, EVERYBODY must wear seat belts!
  • Make sure children are buckled up
  • Use appropriate child seats or child booster cushions
  • Even on the shortest of trips, all passengers must buckle up

Watch out for this

  • Never allow your kids not to be buckled up, under any circumstances!
  • Kids get used to the ‘uncomfortable’ feeling and soon they will understand that it can save their life and health.
  • Kids should NEVER roam around in the car
  • Kids should NEVER sit on the laps of other passengers
  • Kids below the age of 10 are not allowed to travel in the front seat, regardless of wearing a seat belt.
  • Be aware, that Air Bags do not replace seat belts!

5 Reasons to wear Seat Belts:

Driving Tip 1 Driving Tip 2

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Driving Tip 5

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