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Young drivers are at high risk when it comes to road safety.  According to MOI data,  45% of all accidents are caused by young drivers. In the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, 63% of all traffic accidents were caused by young drivers, as well as 34% of all deaths in road accidents!

“The main causes for accidents within this age group are speeding, using phones behind the wheel and not keeping safe distance between cars,” states the MOI.

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There is a feeling of being invulnerable by young drivers when compared with older drivers, as our behaviour studies testify. It seems only with experience and when growing older, UAE’s motorists adjust their behavior and drive safer. Here are some selected data points from our surveys (also check out – for young drivers (18-24 years):

  • only 63% ‘always’ buckle up on the driver seat
  • only 52% ‘always’ buckle up on the front-passenger seat
  • only 7% ‘always’ buckle up on the back seat (in taxis, limos, in friends’ cars, etc.)
  • only 34% of young drivers ask their passenger ‘always’ to buckle up
  • only 29% ‘never’ use their mobile phone while driving
  • only 56% ‘always’ use their indicator
  • 72% claim ‘running late’ as reason for speeding
  • 55% claim ‘showing off/to impress others’ as reasons for speeding
  • 53% claim ‘I know the radar locations’ as reasons for speeding

International research shows, that the following facts contribute to young drive accidents:

  • Peer pressure / Passenger distractions (up to 5x fatal crash risk!)
  • Unaware of the danger of accidents
  • Lack of experience
  • Use of mobile phones
  • Banned substances
  • Bad habits picked up from parents
  • Loud music

How to do it right:

BE AWARE that you are the ‘highest-risk’ group

Adhere to the RULES OF THE ROAD, especially with regards to:

  • Wearing seat belts (ALL passengers, ALL times!)
  • Obeying speed limits
  • Keeping the proper distance to the car in front of you
  • Always use the indicator
  • Avoid banned substances

Fully CONCENTRATE and don’t get distracted by:

  • Passengers
  • Mobile Phone
  • Loud Music

PASSENGERS: Avoid driving with (young) passengers, until you feel safe and have gained experience to take responsibility for the lives of others (take at least 6 months!)

Avoid driving at NIGHT

PARENTS are the biggest ‘influencers’ for safe driving of their kids, hence parents should:

  • Ask their kids to take the safe driving pledge:
  • Drive with their kids and help them drive safely
  • Engage frequently about their early driving experiences
  • Share safe driving tips&tricks
  • Be involved and caring!

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