The ‘vehicle health check’ is especially relevant and important due to UAE’s harsh climate, where dusty/sandy conditions and the high summer temperatures take a high toll on our vehicles. In the winter season, rain, fog and storm pose other challenges. The vehicle health check should happen regularly, since it’s the key to avoid break downs or accidents.

How to do it right

  • Have your vehicle checked regularly by the experts (not only at registration -renewal!)
  • Visit only trusted garages
  • Use only original spare parts  - refer to
  • Lights: get your lights checked: they must work flawlessly and get  broken bulbs/LEDs replaced
  • Lights: 100% functionality is especially important for motorbikes!
  • Brakes: make sure an expert periodically checks your break pads, break disc and braking fluid
  • Air condition & Air filters: especially in summer have  your gas level checked and have the filters cleaned regularly
  • Engine oil and oil filter: watch the right fill height and refer to the max. km range to replace oil and oil filter
  • Get oil changes only at certified and properly equipped garages – protect the environment!
  • Hydraulic fluids (power steering, etc.), Radiator coolant fluid, Battery fluid: have them checked regularly
  • Wind screen wiper and washer fluid: have them checked and replaced, especially important in the cooler season to be prepared for surprise rain showers
  • Hoses and Belts: have them checked regularly
  • Tires are critical in our hot climate – have experts check them regularly (please refer to the topic ‘maintenance – tires‘)


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