RoadSafetyUAE Pledge, your voice can make a difference

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Motorists taking the pledge will commit themselves to the following 4 points:

  • NO … Speaking over the MOBILE PHONE

  • NO … Messaging, Browsing, Texting over the MOBILE PHONE

  • YES … Switch it on SILENT & STOW it away!

  • YES … ask your PASSENGERS to take your vital calls!

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We need YOUR VOICE to clearly state: ‘I commit myself to MAKE OUR ROADS SAFER!’ – and to sign our pledge!

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  • DISTRACTED DRIVING is a main killer on our roads
  • USING the MOBILE PHONE is combining the 4x FORMS of DISTRACTION:
  • Hands off the wheel – Mind off the road – Eyes off the road – Ears off the road
  • Show a CARING ATTITUDE towards yourself, your passengers, other road users … NO MOBILE PHONE!