Freedom Pizza for story site

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Motorcycle delivery-men lead dangerous lives on the streets of the UAE and around the world. Freedom Pizza worked with Saatchi&Saatchi who produced a stunning and touching video, by focusing on the drivers and their motivations to do this very challenging job. We often forget, that we are dealing with real persons in traffic and often we revert to the anonymity inside of our vehicles – we must always remember that we interact with other human beings on the roads and in the vehicles around us, and we need to show a caring attitude!

It is important to state, that Freedom Pizza does not only do a great piece of awareness-creation, but that they have a holistic approach for their delivery-men safety in place: proper bikes which are properly maintained; proper protective clothing like helmets, gloves, jackets and trousers; driver education and active driver commitment to road safety, like a safe-driving pledge.

As we state in the video, we see this as a great example and would be very happy to see more similar companies to have similar policies in place and to run similar awareness activities.