Suggested Topic I would love nothing more than to see the following topics placed on to your site:

- The constant mis-use of fog lights by UAE drivers, and or no lights on motor vehicles at night. Lights aren’t a fashion statement and need to be used correctly

- UAE drivers unable to master roundabouts correctly

- Many accidents caused by attempted to travel straight in a right-turn only lane, and or parking on roundabouts

- Children on front passenger laps – Horrifying to see babies loose and the drivers travelling at break-neck speeds

- Incorrect use of lanes ie lorries and buses travelling at 80 to 100 kph in the middle lanes of 5 lane highways.

- RTA bus stops in remote areas causing passengers to attempt to run across highways (Pedestrian foot bridge would have saved the life of one poor chap on Al Ain Road just before Christmas).

Sadly all of the above are common issues I’ve seen over the last three years of living in beautiful Dubai. I’ve spent the last 25 years driving in the UK, Germany and the rest of Europe. Driving standards here just wouldn’t be tolerated elsewhere. Most drivers committing the above in Europe would be instantly disqualified for 6 to 12 months. Pray that the RTA and Police can take a proactive approach to traffic and stops some of these things happening by applying higher fines and the imposing of driver re-training or re-testing.

Kind regards David