ADNH Compass 2018 - Pic for Newsletter and Site

With our CSR-Partner Abu Dhabi National Hotels Compass we organized a staff road safety event on 18-September-2018. The event was supported by Abu Dhabi Police and our CSR-Partners Serco, Al Ghandi Chevrolet and Michelin, as well as by Al Ghazal Transport.

The event featured a series of interesting speeches and a live demonstration of Al Ghandi Chevrolet’s ‘Seat Belt Convincer’. Once you witness the impact forces of an 8 km/h collision, you are indeed ‘convinced’ about the protective powers of the seat belt.

The National newspaper attended the event and reported prominently in their on-line and print editions:

Abu Dhabi National Hotels Compass sets a great example of the ‘Good Employer’ label of CSR!