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Our visibility on the roads is key to staying safe: SEE AND BE SEEN!

Driving without lights at dusk, especially for darker color vehicles, can make you almost invisible in the rear mirrors of other motorists. And cyclists and motorcyclists with defunct or no lights at night become dangerous for both riders and drivers alike.

Since most of the streets in the UAE are very well lit, one can forget to switch on the lights once the dark sets in. We also can face harsh weather conditions like fog, rain, thunderstorms and sand storms. Make sure to be visible to other drivers at dawn, dusk, night, and in all weather conditions!

Another important aspect in ‘see and be seen’ is window tinting. Although popular in the UAE, it can reduce the visibility of other drivers and pedestrians.

The low standing sun can pose problems due to blinding, especially in the early morning and before sunset.

How to do it right

  • Pay attention to one of the ground rules of road safety: SEE AND BE SEEN!
  • Make sure to turn on your lights:
    • As soon when the sun is low at dawn and as the twilight sets in at dusk
    • In tunnels, parking lots, and other places with poor visibility
    • In case of bad weather conditions
  • Only use rear fog lights in the case of fog, as not to blind drivers behind you
  • Make sure all of the lights on your vehicle work perfectly and are maintained periodically
  • Especially on bicycles and motorbikes, make sure all your lights work properly without flickering and use lights during the daytime
  • Wear reflective clothing in poor light on your bicycle or as a pedestrian
  • Wear reflective clothing and mark your location with reflectors in case your vehicle breaks down
  • If you tint your windows, ensure it is within the legal permissible level of 30 per cent for the rear and side windows only. Tinting the windscreen of the vehicle is legally prohibited. Anyone going beyond these limitations risks being fined for putting themselves and others in danger.
  • Early morning and before sunset be aware of potential blinding by the low standing sun
    • Use the sun blinds and good sun glasses
    • Be aware of the traffic ahead of you, especially indicators and brake light can easily be overlooked
    • Other vehicles might slow down or behave irrational due to blinding


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