Article updated 10-July-2022

Roundabouts are a little tricky when it comes to proper maneuvering, and sometimes we experience inappropriate or even rude behavior. More and more roundabouts get replaced by intersections with traffic lights, especially at locations with higher traffic density.

How to do it right

  • Care for pedestrians, at roundabout with zebra-crossings
  • Upon entering a roundabout, obey the yield signs!
  • Wait patiently until you can enter the round about safely
  • Be mindful and caring of other vehicles besides you
  • Stay in the right lane, if you plan to use the 1st exit
  • Use the left or center lane, if you plan to use the 2nd or further exit
  • In passing exits  you don’t use, gradually move to the right lane until your exit comes up
  • Use your indicator, if you change lanes inside the roundabout
  • Use your indicator, if you leave the roundabout
  • Info-graphic courtesy of RTA explaining lane selection and use of indicator:

Topic Pic Round About 1      Topic Pic Round About 2

Watch out for this

  • Watch out for pedestrians, at roundabout with zebra-crossings
  • Don’t ‘cut-through’ roundabouts – stay in lane!
  • Don’t swerve from one lane onto the other lane and back!
  • Do not force your way into the roundabout, wait for your turn!
  • Merge into the proper lane at time
  • Watch out for other drivers who might not behave properly
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