More than 7% of all accidents causing major injuries or death are due to red light jumping, which happens at more than 70,000 times a year (22k in Abu Dhabi, 25k in Dubai, 23k in Sharjah). This means it happens almost 200x per day! This is clearly avoidable!

How to do it right

  • Anticipate the potential signal change when approaching signals
  • Approaching an amber signal, make sure you stop safely before the signal turns red.
  • Watch out for vehicles in front of you which might break hard to avoid amber or red lights.
  • Signal areas are ‘hot spots’ and require our full attention – make sure you are fully concentrated and not distracted!

Watch out for this

  • PAY ATTENTION to avoid red light jumping!
  • You seriously endanger yourself, other drivers and pedestrians in red light jumping.
  • Approaching an amber signal, don’t speed up trying to pass before the signal turns red.
  • Drive with a sense of anticipation and plan for a potential signal change.
  • In dense traffic situations, watch the traffic, but also keep an eye on the signal
  • Pedestrians, too must not jump the red lights of pedestrian crossings!

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