Regulations on driver’s license institutes

Naturally, the driving schools and institutes need strict monitoring and regulations. I have heard many cases where people are passed because they have completed the hours (regardless of their driving skill) or even more, because they have “wasta” as they say here in this region. For instance, a medical license would not be given to anyone by “wasta”…then why should a driver’s license? Also, it is important that the instructors themselves are highly qualified drivers whom practices safe driving and is able to teach the same.

This is important in that people whom are new drivers in this country (teens first license or expat requiring lessons for UAE license) are
taught not only driving skills, but also driving manners and etiquette.

It can be seen that there are many expat people also whom come from countries where the driving style is very reckless and not organized, and they come into UAE and drive the same way, which causes problems.
By properly educating drivers road manners and such, in time can improve the roads.