it is very unfortunate that majority of drivers in uae do not understand and know the basic driving principles to be followed on multi lanes roads. the authorities construct multi lanes road to improve the traffic flow and avoid congestion. unfortunately many drivers have a wrong notion that the 1st & 2nd lanes (on a 4 lanes road) are for heavy vehicles and 3rd & 4th (fast) lane are restricted for cars. if you drive during peak hours, you will be surprised to see the 3rd & 4th lanes clogged with vehicles moving inches behind each other whereas the 1st & 2nd lanes will be pretty empty with very few vehicles on them. if only there was an awareness campaign to educate the drivers, then the roads will be much more safer and easier to drive around.

the basic principle of ‘move to the next available slower lane on to your right when ever approached by a faster moving vehicle from behind, irrespective of which lane and what speed you are driving’ should be understood by every driver. then the heavy load on 3rd & 4th lanes will be reduced and the traffic will be evenly spread across all lanes ensuring smooth driving. the risk factor of stubbornly driving on 3rd & 4th lanes are that the speeding vehicles are forced to over take from the right lanes which causes accidents most of the times.

i request for a awareness campaign on driving on multi lanes roads.