I was driving during a rush hour in shj school zone and suddenly 1 nissan patrol Came out of sand area cutting all the lines and want to enter Infront of my car where there is no room at all he was just rushing and I was in that line for more than 30mins(to reach that place) following my line as the regulation for driving teaches us, normal me if someone is indicating to change line I ll do wat I can to allow him but this driver was soo arrogant and breaking all lines I didn’t allow him to enter my line, he is such a rude person when there was space between 2 car lane he entered in between my car and the left lane car near roundabout and opened his window to say something which I didn’t understand and again drive away in the wrong lane .
Some People are using the indicator in such places where they already did soo many violations and acting rude to the people who where following all the traffic rules.

School zones in the SHARJAH is one of worst places to see all kinds of traffic violation during the rush hours kindly do something to protect the are from violators.