Bicycles are a real Menace on the roads if not driven properly : In ABU Dhabi now we can see a lot of bicycles and they run here and there – even there are some which runs at 20 kmph ::: they have or don’t know rules and overtake from left right and sometimes suddenly it comes from nowhere: – Bicycling through “ NO ENTRY” you don’t suspect something to come feom a NO ENTRY – then driving against the traffic on the wrong side / oh my god just see for yourself

Vehicles with TINT cannot see the bicycles at night as these cycles don’t have head lights and appear suddenly zig zag in front of you.

Another issue is they fine people if we just Pick up or drop in Bus Stops : myself I went to DOT and told them because they fined me Dhs 2000 foe pick up feom Bus stop and thereafter told

Me that “ You dont know that you are not supposed to stop or pick up feom Bus Stops in Abu Dhabi – NO SIGNAGE – at least inform through signage – my money gone – like me so many people – No option , but we have to pay as we don’t have time to run after things due to job / office -

I am Not telling Bicycles to be banned but there should be some rules or system especially here the driving pattern is different that in our Country

There we have single roads two way and we are aware here

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