Pedestrian safety must be taken more seriously! More than 100 pedestrians are getting killed on UAE’s road every year!

Police authorities state, that in 95% of the run-over accidents, pedestrians are responsible.

Police authorities said the main causes of run-over accidents are lack of attention while driving, speeding, crossing roads from unauthorized areas and lack of awareness among the public about safety rules.

! Motorists note: as soon as you leave your vehicle, YOU ALSO BECOME a PEDESTRIAN – hence, treat pedestrians like you want to be treated !

How to do it right

  • Cross the street using pedestrian bridges, underpasses or dedicated crossings – zebra crossings with or without traffic lights.
  • At zebra crossings with traffic lights, only walk at ‘green’, and should the signal start to blink or switch to red, make sure you hurry up to reach the other side of the road.
  • At zebra crossings without traffic lights, you must be very careful, since not all cars will stop for you. Only walk, when you can cross safely all lanes of the street.
  • A good tip is also to make eye contact with drivers, so you are sure they noticed you.
  • Reversing cars: be extra careful when you walk near reversing cars.
  • Drivers often have a obstructed view and they might not see you when you are passing close to the car.
  • Keep your distance and try to anticipate the moves of the car.
  • Be careful in all kind of parking spaces.
  • Watch the children!
  • Children have a different view of the traffic and often they lack experience of traffic movements!
  • Make sure you watch your kids very closely in all forms of traffic.
  • Make sure kids don’t play close to streets or reversing cars.
  • Always use sidewalks – this protects pedestrians!
  • If there are no sidewalks, walk on the left side of the street facing the oncoming traffic.

Watch out for this

  • Don’t jaywalk, meaning: don’t cross streets without dedicated crossings for pedestrians!
  • Don’t be distracted when you cross the road – mind your mobile phone!

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