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In UAE’s taxing conditions it is vital to maintain vehicles to the highest standards and in case of repairs or modifications, to rely on original spare parts and accessories.

Original spare parts and accessories have been designed, manufactured, tested and certified to the highest quality standards of the vehicle brand (Original Equipment Manufacturer – OEM), meaning production and inspection standards, materials, dimensions, shapes and functions.

Unauthorized parts and accessories may closely resemble the originals, but those will not have the same quality. This quality is not visible to the naked eye and just because it “looks the same”, it doesn’t mean that it matches the performance of original parts and accessories.


Advantages of original / certified spare parts and accessories:

  • Peace of mind: original parts and accessories provide customers with safety and reliability
  • Warranties:
    • Certified original spare parts and accessories are typically backed by warranty
    • The overall warranty of your vehicle does not get impacted negatively  and it helps keep the warranty valid
    • This is important to carefully protect your investment
  • Operation: original parts and accessories are conceived to guarantee perfect operation
  • Integrity: original spare part spare compatible with the other parts or components of the car and they fit properly without any modifications necessary
  • Longevity: original parts will typically last longer than non-certified ones
  • Competitive performance:  the performance of the vehicle is higher when genuine parts are used
  • Cost: No negative affect on your vehicle’s re-sale value. The longevity of original parts and accessories will help you to avoid excessive wear-and-use expenses and will hence save you money.


Disadvantages of using unauthorized parts / accessories:

  • Warranties: your vehicle’s warranty may be invalidated
  • Operation: could cause an increased risk of failure
  • Integrity: risk of damage to other vital parts
  • Longevity: wear out faster and are less sturdy
  • Performance:  long-term reduction in performance and possibly higher consumption
  • Cost: your vehicle’s re-sale value might bet negatively impacted. Higher wear-and-use expenses. Modifying non-original parts and customizing the fit can lead to higher cost due to higher labor cost.


How to do it right:

  • Use  original and authorized spare parts and accessories which are supplied in packaging clearly marked as genuine spare parts or accessories.
  • Only use trusted, well reputated and certified garages.
  • Tires: Use only reputable branded and certified tires and avoid fitting tires which may be substandard and therefore potentially unsafe.


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