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Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable than drivers of other vehicles, simply because there is less steel around them to protect them. Also, they are more affected by poor street conditions, poor weather conditions and poor light conditions. Also, motorcycle riders might be impacted by centrifugal forces in curves or by gusts of wind more than other drivers.

How to do it right!

As as motorcycle driver:

  • Display a defensive driving style!
  • Make sure you always wear your helmet
  • Wear proper clothing, including proper fully closed shoes
  • Wear proper protecting gloves
  • Make sure your bike is properly licensed and registered
  • Make sure your motorcycle is maintained perfectly
  • Lights and indicators must work 100%, since motorcycles are less visible than cars
  • Make sure your passenger is properly dressed and knows how to behave on a bike

As a car driver:

  • Anticipate the greater vulnerability of motorcycle drivers due to the conditions of weather, road, wind, light
  • Be extra careful close to a motorbike in curves, on interchanges and acceleration lanes
  • Respect the often weak performance and limited acceleration, especially off green lights

Watch out for this

As as motorcycle driver:

  • Don’t sneak between cars
  • Don’t drive on walkways
  • At red lights don’t move all the way to the front
  • Don’t take shortcuts
  • Leave enough space to other vehicles on the road

As a car driver:

  • Don’t be too close to motorcylces when you accelerate (off green lights)
  • Don’t be too close in curves and in difficult road, weather, wind and light conditions

Especially for quad bikes (in the desert):

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