For many years, the #1 killer on UAE roads is ‘Lane Swerving’ / abrupt lane changing (according to data released by the MOI).

Changing lanes properly can be a complex maneuver and it must always take our full attention!

How to do it right!

  • Be fully concentrated and avoid distractions, especially in dense traffic.
  • Look in front of you, behind you and next to you if you are clear to change lanes.
  • Use your indicator a few seconds BEFORE you change lanes.
  • Be mindful of those around you and observe the different speeds of the cars in the other lanes.
  • If you want to exit, go to the right lane in time.
  • If you need to cross multiple lines, do it one-by-one and check carefully prior to each lane change.
  • Be considerate to other drivers who want to change their lanes.
  • Drive defensively and with anticipation.
  • Many high-end cars come with lane departure warning / assistance system – consider this key safety feature in your buying decision.

Watch out for this

  • Do not cross more than 1 lane at once.
  • Stay away from any distractions when changing lanes and be fully concentrated.
  • Don’t cut into the way of other drivers.
  • Don’t do last second lane changes or exits – you must plan your moves in time!
  • Watch out for drivers not changing lanes properly – they endanger you and themselves.
  • If your car has┬álane departure warning / assistance systems – switch them on!

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