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Article updated on 25-April-2023

‘Lack of lane discipline’ is one of the leading cause of death, according to the Ministry of Interior (MOI). In April 2023, the authorities raise the awareness for this important issue by introducing a minimum speed limit of 120kSheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road – The National News article.

How to do it right:

  • Be considerate, show a caring attitude, watch out for others, show good road side manners.
  • Keep your vehicle always in the center of your lane, don’t hang to the left or right side of your lane.
  • On highways with multiple lanes, keep to the right and allow faster cars to use the lanes left of you. If you notice that cars have to overtake you on your right side, move to a slower lane to the right of you.
  • Note, that overtaking from the right is not legal (A driver must only pass other vehicles travelling in the same direction on the left – Article 10.5, UAE Federal Traffic Law Number 21, 1995)
  • Use your indicator before any lane changes, check properly around you and make sure you can change your lane safely.
  • Position yourself in the correct lane early and avoid unnecessary lane changes.
    • When lining up at a red light, be in the lane you want to be in after the interchange. Especially at intersections where traffic turns to one side in more than one lane. This way, you don’t have to cut across and in front of other traffic participants.
    • Don’t use a lane which is free (for example a lane turning to the right) when you want to go straight, only to jump the line and to squeeze into the lane where you wanted to be in the first place.
  • When merging with traffic from the acceleration lane, give way to oncoming traffic and don’t bully your way in.
  • When lanes merge, in dense traffic, the zip-lock system (‘merging in turn’) is to be applied, meaning the left car goes, then the right one, the left one, the right one, and so on.
  • Strictly do not drive on the hard shoulders!
  • Do not cross solid lines – stay in your lane until the solid lines end.
  • Motorists must not drive or park in a cycle lane.
  • Do not go against one-way streets.
  • Only maneuver at dedicated lanes; for example: don’t U-turn at non-dedicated U-turn lanes!

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