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One of the most annoying acts of reckless driving is  jumping the queue. It is hard to understand why some of us believe they are above others when it comes to waiting for their turn. It’s an act of misbehavior we can witness literally every single day. Especially when traffic gets dense, immediately those irresponsible drivers mushroom out of nowhere.

Based on our observations, in the vast majority of queue jumping incidents, taxis or limos with ‘L’ number plates are involved. Their fleet owners would do good to remind their professional (!) drivers about the laws, rules and polite behavior.

We sincerely wish, that professional drivers would become the flag bearers for good behavior and not the opposite!

Watch out for this

  • Nowhere in our daily life is it fair or justified to jump the queue
  • Jumping queues on the road is dangerous and absolutely not polite
  • Everybody has to queue, regardless!
  • Respect other drivers and treat other drivers like you want to be treated
  • Forcing your way into the front of the queue very often also blocks traffic in other lanes and is dangerous
  • Faster flowing traffic in adjacent lanes can potentially collide with lane jumpers blocking these lanes
  • This rude behaviour can result in road rage, and in accidents which are clearly avoidable

Dubai police installs radars catching queue jumpers:

Great research published in 7DAYS in November 2015:

7DAYS Queue Jumpers are Crazy 17-11-2015

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